Flat Panel Display Testing and Electronic Product Evaluation Services

Display Continuum

Laboratory and Fabrication Facilities

Laboratory and fabrication facilities are currently in place to undertake a variety of testing, analysis, and development tasks.  On-site fabrication capabilities allow for the quick adaptation and construction of specialized test fixtures and unique assemblies.  A partial listing of the equipment and facilities available is presented below. 

Fabrication and Precision Assembly

• Hardinge lathe with Sony Magnescale precision positioning control
• Precision Milling Machine
• 2 Jeweler’s lathes and mill
• Grinder and polisher
• 4 Spot welders
• Laminar flow bench and clean area
• Clean room air particulate measurement capability
• Humidity measurement and control
• Ultrasonic clean
• Micro-manipulator station with microprobes
• Unitek Micropull wire-bond tester.

Vacuum Systems

• 4 Turbo-molecular pumped systems (Leybold, Seiko-Seiki, Pfeiffer/Balzers) with multiple access ports using Conflat flanges
• Varian leak tester
• In-vacuum micro-manipulator
• Bell Jar Thin-Film Evaporator
• Altitude chamber

Optical Inspection and Measurement

• Mitutoyo (20x – 2000x) long focus microscope with precision positioning stage
• 6 Stereo inspection microscopes
• Tektronix 7J20 Rapid Scan Spectrometer
• Fiber optic illumination sources
• Resolution targets
• CIE coordinate digital colorimeters
• Oriel Monochromator
• Minolta and Tektronix wide and narrow angle photometers
• Contrast and luminance measurements
• Projection and light valve systems optics
• Linear and circular polarization capability
• KLC precision adjustable retarder
• Variable frequency light valves
• Lenses and lens mounts
• Ultraviolet and narrow band sources
• Low noise optical signal detectors (diode and photo-multiplier)
• Large format cameras and lenses
• Wet chemistry darkroom

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

• Hitachi S-2400 SEM with digital image capture
• Hitachi S-450 SEM with digital image capture capability
• Balzers Sputtering System for Sample Preparation

Electrical Testing capability

• Digital and Real time oscilloscopes to 1+ GHz
• Sampling oscilloscopes to 12+ GHz
• Time domain reflectometry to <25 ps
• Precision audio and RF spectrum analyzers
• Frequency counters to 26.5 GHz
• CW signal sources to 2.5 GHz
• Pulse generators to 100+ volts and to <25 ps
• Arbitrary waveform generator
• Sencore HDTV996 digital HDTV signal generator
• TV and video waveform generators
• 3 Transistor curve tracers
• 2 Automated multi-frequency LCR measurement systems
• 2 Keithley Electrometers
• Multi-frequency magnetic field measurement capability
• High voltage probes to 40+ kV
• Current probes to 50 MHz
• Chart recorders
• Multiple laboratory power supplies up to 30 kV
• 4 High-voltage Trek amplifiers to 10 kV
• Precision temperature measurement – thermocouple, infrared, and optica