Flat Panel Display Testing and Electronic Product Evaluation Services

Display Continuum


Display Technology Evaluation

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Dr. Silzars, the principal investigator of the Display Continuum Laboratory, has over 30 years of experience in display technology and has been both a technologist and a technology business manager.  He has many years of experience, not only an inventor but also as a litigation-experienced evaluator of patents, patent portfolios, and patent claims.  With this extensive experience base, a thorough and careful analysis can be performed efficiently and with a high level of assurance that the recommendations will hold up under further scrutiny.  

display continuumReverse Engineering

The Display Continuum Laboratory has the equipment and expertise to perform both non-destructive as well as tear down analyses of every type of display technology or product.  The laboratory can provide any type of electrical testing, optical examination under specially configured microscopes, additional optical testing such as light and color measurements, SEM analysis, and any mechanical or structural testing that may be requested.  

Forensic Testing & Analysis

Patent Infringement Evaluation

The Display Continuum Laboratory is set up to provide a cost-effective methodology for assessing products for possible infringement of patent claims.  With extensive experience and understanding of all display technologies, and with many years of litigation experience, the process of identifying possible patent infringement issues is made efficient by performing only those tests that are likely to lead to a productive outcome. 

Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

Dr. Silzars has over 15 years of recognized experience in writing expert witness reports as well as in giving depositions and courtroom testimony.  Therefore, the results obtained from testing products in his facility can be efficiently reflected in reports that may be requested as part of a litigation process.  

Flat Panel Display Failure Analysis

The Display Continuum Laboratory has the capability and expertise to undertake technical investigations of products to determine possible failure modes and to identify the causes for such failures.  A variety of diagnostic tools are available to perform these tests under a variety of operating conditions.   

Laboratory Services

The extensive testing and fabrication capabilities of the laboratory can be made available for a wide range of display-related research, development, and new product exploration activities.  The capabilities and skills are in place to do virtually any kind of material, mechanical, and circuit fabrication including work that requires vacuum processing and depositions.  Prototype devices can be tested under pulsed or CW input signals and measured to characterize the performance of the display medium.  A wide range of optical tests can also be performed.